Shake the Scene: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris_Bueller's_Day_OffThe Scene: The Cubs Game

Why We Love This Scene: Well after 108 freakin’ years the beloved Chicago Cubs broke their curse and became World Series Champions. I can’t think of a more romanticized sports team in movie history. I grew up a New York Yankees fan and we have our fervent fans, I always respected the Cubbies and their fans, whether it’s Bill Murray, The Blues Brothers, John Landis or John Cusack, there was always a special kind of charm and allure to seeing the Cubs or Wrigley field in film. 

I could probably do more than a dozen Cub’s scenes from flicks but my favorite has to be from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Ferris and gang go to a day-game and Ferris even catches a foul ball. Nice touch with the Wrigley’s Field marquee sign displaying “Save Ferris.” I also chuckle at this scene when Ed Rooney, whilst cleaning off the soda that some young lady spit on him narrowly catches Ferris on TV while he catches the foul ball. He then absent-mindedly asks what’s the score (“Nothing-Nothing”) and then asks who’s winning (“The Bears”).

This scene also introduced me and my friends to the Cameron taunting: “Hey Battah, battah, battah.. Saah-wing battah!” We used that to much enjoyment on the little league fields. Good times.

Well anyway, it was fun to poke fun at the perpetual losers, the Chicago Cubs and it was fun while it lasted. But I’m happy for the ball club, the great city of Chicago and its fans, especially our favorite: Mr. Bill Murray. Congratulations.

(Excuse the poor quality of the reversed Ferris clip. YouTube sucks as usual.)

Sorry, I just had to add this extra clip of Jim Belushi giving a toast to the Cubs while pretending to be a high-level ad executive in the oft-forgotten comedy Taking Care of Business. Man, I haven’t seen this movie since 1990-something but all I remember is this ridiculously funny toast. When the Cubs actually won the pennant to go to the World Series, this toast was the first thing I thought of. Weird memories.


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