Shake the Scene: Skin Deep


Skin Deep (1989)

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.29.00 PMThe Scene: Glow-in-the-Dark Cock Fight

Why I Love This Scene: Yet another odd choice of movie to watch late in my college years. I think my roommate picked this one out since he was a big John Ritter fan. Or he thought it was a rare Skin-e-max feature that happened to star John Ritter. All I know is we had a lot of fun watching this little-known or cared for Blake Edwards comedy classic.

Basically it’s a typical rom-com about an alcoholic and womanizing novelist (Ritter) who goes from one quick and pointless relationship after another spiraling out of control with booze and cheap sex until, by the end, he smartens up and makes a better life for himself. But boy does he make his messes along the way. 

There’s a few great scenes in this and some smart and witty dialogue like when Ritter is about to have sex with a one-night stand female bodybuilder he quips that he feels like “Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger” and when she asks him if her body makes him afraid he says “I’m not, but my cock is scared stiff!” If only Three’s Company had more R-rated humor because the late great John Ritter delivers these lines perfectly.

The scene I’m highlighting today must’ve really been a favorite of the filmmakers since they highlight it on the home video box with “The comedy that Glows in the dark.” There’s really nothing that needs to be said and frankly, the less said the better. Enjoy!

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