True or False Trivia: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

1) When Robert Redford’s character is opening his refrigerator, a jar of Newman’s Own Sauce is visible on the shelf, an apparent homage to his long-time friend and two-time co-star, Paul Newman.



2) To prepare for his role as The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan went through several months of an intense physical fitness regimen, weapons training, world history lessons, survival techniques, convincing torture reactions, and he tore his own arm off. Explaining that he wanted to get inside Bucky’s character, Stan stunned the cast and crew one day during a table read when he used his right arm to rip his left arm right out of the socket. Those who witnessed the incident claim that he didn’t even scream, just grunted at the strain and effort it took to tear the arm off, which took anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to accomplish. Naturally, copious amounts of blood sprayed all over the room, thoroughly covering everyone and all of the cheese danishes that were provided, which an unfazed Cobie Smulders ate anyway. Despite the unbelievably massive blood loss, Stan did not pass out, just simply stood there, waiting for everyone to clap. When the clapping died down after 20 to 30 minutes, Stan finally revealed what was in the large metal box he brought in that day. It was a black mamba, which promptly bit Frank Grillo in the face and killed him within seconds. “That wasn’t actually my surprise, I don’t know where that snake came from,” a confused Stan said after the clapping died down again. Stan then revealed the real surprise: a metal arm that he made himself from the parts of an old Addams Family pinball machine. As he soldered the arm onto his still-gushing flesh, the claps in the room became deafening and the cast couldn’t hold back anymore and proceeded to have a blood orgy. When Stan managed to get the arm secured after 20 to 30 minutes, it immediately went haywire and started screeching “IT’S NOT PLUGGED IN YET!” and “THE MAAAAMUUUUSHKAAA!” and “Gomez…” and it attacked Stan, seizing him by the throat and squeezing so hard that a king cobra flew out of his mouth and attacked the mamba that killed Frank Grillo. As the blood orgiests placed sexual bets on which serpent would emerge victorious, Stan’s larynx was turned to powder, which seemed to satisfy the arm, and it promptly exploded, killing both snakes. Everyone went home disappointed.       

Bucky arm


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