Home Video Alert: Point Break


Point Break (2015)

Point Break BluNew on home video today yesterday is Point Break which tells the story of wait a minute Point Break came out already when did that happen I saw a trailer or two a couple months ago but I honestly don’t remember it being released in theaters it was December 25th I guess I was a little busy with the holidays and all to notice so was the rest of America apparently since it only pulled in $9 million on its opening weekend and just $28 million total on a $105 million budget and it went up against freakin’ The Force Awakens yikes what a dumb time to release an action movie based around summer sporting activities although it probably wouldn’t have made much more if it was released July 4th instead and you know they were banking on it being the next Fast & Furious franchise cash cow since it’s basically the same movie with slightly fewer cars but wow I can’t believe it’s come and gone already after so much talk about its pointless existence remember when Gerard Butler was supposed to be Bodhi maybe if he had stayed cast the movie would have made an additional $175,000 why couldn’t Keanu Reeves have played Bodhi that would have been the tits and people may have been curious to see it and have Alex Winter play Johnny Utah and then they travel back in time to the invention of the first surfboard but they find Rick Kane has beaten them to it so they have a surf-off and naturally Rick Kane wins because he’s the best surfer in Arizona so Bodhi and Utah go back to the future disgraced and while they were gone Doc Brown has robbed all the banks in the world and it turns out that Doc Brown is Rick Kane’s dad because just why not you know and Bodhi and Johnny Utah get pissed and try to kill Rick Kane but he’s like “No way” and takes the DeLorean and goes back in time to when the first surfboard was invented and none of that ever would have happened if Bodhi and Utah hadn’t been pissed at him in the first place and it’s pretty deep if you think about it I can’t believe that movie is on DVD already.

Own it today!

Also, forget The Hateful Eight, vote in the Evil Eight!! 

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