Villain Madness 2016: Sinister Sixteen Results!


Sinister Sixteen Results!


Group 70s:

Nosferatu (67%) abominabowled over Dr. Phibes (33%)!
Scorpio (58%) kicked some Ash (42%)!

Group 80s:

Roy Batty (58%) dumped Stan Gable (42%) after having better sex with a nerd!
Jabba the Hutt (67%) ended Tim Curry’s Villain Madness reign by beheading Rooster Hannigan (33%)!

Group 90s:

Catherine Trammell and Tie-ler Durden tied, and the basic instinct of the coin was to flip for Tyler Durden!
Tommy DeVito and the Sheriff of Nottingham tied,  and the made man turns out to be the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Group 2000s:

Saruman (83%) scared the piss out of Scarecrow (17%)!
Daniel Plainview and Mystique tied, and the coin morphed into a win for Daniel Plainview!

Thank you everyone again for voting! Come back tomorrow for the Evil Eight!

In honor of us not being able to see our poll results for most of today for some reason, here’s Jake “The Snake” Roberts getting blinded by Rick “The Model” Martel’s caustic perfume, “Arrogance,” and subsequently being unable to ascertain precisely which direction the voices of children are coming from:

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