Home Video Alert: Amy


Amy (2015)

Amy blu-rayNew on home video today is Amy which is a sequel to the movie Congo in which a gorilla named Amy travels with her handler and some evil corporation guys to a lost city in the jungle where she’s from and tries to help them find a lost treasure but all they find are deadly ape creatures and in this movie Amy comes back home and is traumatized because she saw Tim Curry die and she was in love with him so although she was once one of the best sign-language apes in the world she turns to booze and pills to help her cope with the pain and it erodes her talents to the point where she’s constantly passing out on stage during sign language performances and apestravaganzas and the media is all up her ass because she was a big star and it’s sad but also fascinating that she threw it all away for booger sugar and hooch and eventually she ODs and nobody is really surprised but it’s still tragic when you think about it but the public just latches on to another signing ape secretly hoping it spirals out of control too.

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