Movie Music Mega Madness: The Cannonball Run



The Cannonball Run (1981)

215px-Cannonball_runThis post could have easily been a Cut to the Chase or a Shake the Scene but the song popped into my head this morning and dare I say, uplifted me with it’s inspirational lyrics.

It’s not what you do
It’s how you do it.
Be anything you want to be
It’s not what you got
It’s how you use it
You be you
And I’ll be me
It’s just a matter of style
You can fake it
Mile after mile
Feeling free
If you got the soul
You can make it
Move ’em out
Let ’em roll
From sea to shining sea!!

One of the greatest comedies, nay, films of all time! I can watch this masterpiece of human endeavor anytime, anyplace. I will stop what I’m doing to sit down and enjoy this gem for the umpteenth time. If this movie was playing in the delivery room while my wife was giving birth I would seriously have a hard time coaching her with the lamaze. I think I would stop mid-coitus to watch and laugh my ass off.

Just marvel at the cast Hal Needham assembled to make this important piece of this historical feat. And they are all equally funny. Even Farrah Fawcett is funny in this film. Besides the comedy, it has stunts and chases and even some romance and heart. I dare you to name a movie that can challenge The Cannonball Run‘s greatness. I dare you to name a movie that can even challenge The Cannonball Run II!

I still find it fascinating that director Hal Needham and screenwriter Brock Yates (great name!) were actually involved in a real-life Cannonball Run style race! Drivers assembled in Connecticut and drove cross country all competing to get to California the fastest. So this movie is basically a documentary! And again, Needham and Yates actually drove a souped-up ambulance like Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise AND had a doctor and Yate’s wife pose as a patient on a gurney if they were ever pulled over. That’s the funniest and best idea I ever heard. 

If you never saw this film I’m sorry I’m afraid you have failed as a cinephile. Stop blogging about movies right now and find something you’re better suited at. You have no place, right or expertise writing about movies, that’s a simple fact. This isn’t just my opinion but it’s a universal fact. I’m not even sure we can still be friends. However, this can all be remedied easily. Just let me know if you never saw The Cannonball Run and I will personally come to your residence with my copy of the film and watch it with you. All you need to do is provide the beer and popcorn.

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