Home Video Alert: Little Boy

Little Boy (2015)

Little Boy Blu-rayNew on Blu-ray and DVD today is Little Boy, the story of a little boy named Little Boy whose father goes off to fight in Vietnam but Little Boy devises a plan to get his father to come home by moving things with his mind which totally works but every time he moves something with his mind he grows smaller and smaller until eventually he moves a mountain and he goes subatomic and all the townspeople take turns stepping on him because they think he’s a dark sorcerer which he probably is (the movie leaves it up to interpretation) but the moving the mountain thing and going subatomic totally works because his father parachutes back into town at that exact moment and steps on Little Boy one last time for good measure and all the priests in town rejoice but a local Mexican magician reveals that Little Boy was Jesus Christ all along and the townspeople and especially Little Boy’s dad feel really bad about stepping on him all those times and the mountain lands on the entire town flattening them just like they flattened Little Boy with their feet.

Own it today!

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