True or False Trivia: Escape from L.A.


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Escape from L.A. (1996)

1) Kurt Russell practiced playing basketball between scenes as he wanted to make all of his shots legitimately in the basketball scene later on. He made all of those shots purely on his own talent, even the full-court one.

Escape from LA basketball


2) During filming, Kurt Russell grew to despise Steve Buscemi because Buscemi constantly showed up to the set zonked out on inhalants and constantly trying to place the tip of his phallus inside Snake’s eye patch. One night, Russell had had enough, so he broke into Buscemi’s trailer and cut his throat while he was sleeping (since infancy, Buscemi has always slept hanging upside down, like a bat). The next morning, however, Buscemi showed up to the set to film his scenes, still incredibly high on inhalants but very much alive. An astonished Russell couldn’t believe his eyes, and was especially puzzled that Buscemi never mentioned his throat being cut, nor was there any visible mark of what Russell had done. That day’s filming proceeded as usual, with Buscemi again making an absolute fool of himself. Later that night, Russell entered Buscemi’s trailer again, and shot him through the heart while he was sleeping (again, hanging upside down). The next morning, like clockwork, Buscemi showed up for filming. That night, Russell, rapidly losing his grip on his sanity, decapitated Buscemi with a reciprocating saw, tossed the head into a 30-foot well, and filled the well with concrete. He completed his work just in time for the next day’s filming to begin, and again was shocked to see Buscemi show up on set. This bizarre circle of events spun during six more weeks of filming. Russell would completely destroy Buscemi’s body every night—drowning, burning, consuming, you name it—then Buscemi would show up on set the next day, just as alive and brain-blasted on inhalants as the day before. As the very last day of filming ended, Buscemi walked up to a shivering Russell and said, “Good work, Kurt.” 


Buscemi high on life

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22 thoughts on “True or False Trivia: Escape from L.A.

  1. Yes Kurt Russell made all of his basketball shots EXCEPT the full court one of that I am sure because I worked on the film with him and I was watching them film that scene and he did make the other shots but not the full court. And if anyone else that was there that night they will know I’m right because that’s the night that John carpenter rented out the jumbo trons at the coliseum and also had a reggae band playing for us at dinner break but Kurt did great an awesome dude


  2. I say FALSE that Kurt Russell made all of his basketball shots…. I say that because I worked on the film and was watching them shoot the scene but he did make all the other shots except that one 😎But he still rocks and that’s a fact 😎


  3. False…. on making all the basketball 🏀 shots… he did not make the full court one because I worked on the film I was the one who gave him a little shove onto the court to play but he made all the other ones…awesome awesome dude 😎


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