True or False Trivia: Twins


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Twins (1988)

1) Schwarzenegger got 20% of the profits, and made $35,000,000 through international sales, video/DVD sales and TV screenings. He earned more money from Twins than any of the Terminator movies.



2) As production was set to begin on Twins, it was a straightforward action flick about two muscle-bound twin brothers on a quest for revenge against the man who killed their father/sensei. Cast opposite Schwarzenegger was Fritz Von Pubenberg, an East German bodybuilder whom many in the media dubbed “Arnold 2” or “Schwarzenbetter.” Arnold’s seething jealousy toward his supposed usurper grew rapidly to a boiling point, and the morning filming was to start, he challenged Fritz to a bear hug competition, loser leaves town. Fritz, eager to prove himself and dethrone Arnold as European-accented king of the American box office, eagerly accepted. Mere seconds into the contest, Fritz realized his tragic error, but by then it was too late. Onlookers could only look on in horror at Fritz’s petrified expression, as he was folded into Arnold’s chest cavity one inch of flesh at a time until he disappeared completely. As Arnold smoked a victory cigar, filming was postponed indefinitely until it was decided how they would continue. Arnold laughed at these ants running around in fright, and as he bellowed for three straight days, tiny hands began to emerge from his chest, until the now-depleted form of Fritz Von Pubenberg re-emerged onto the ground—goo-covered, hairless, and spouting gibberish. Arnold unleashed one final laugh, which reverberated throughout the set, shattering every glass and soul in the vicinity, and shouting, “There is your twin!” This gave the filmmakers an idea, so they altered Fritz’s appearance to look like actor Danny DeVito, who had perished in a roller coaster accident mere days before. Fritz’s identity was legally changed to Danny DeVito, and the film was marketed as DeVito’s triumphant return from the grave. Fritz has played the role of Danny DeVito ever since.    

Frank pure


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