Villain Madness 2015: The Frightful Four


Hold, Misquamacus! Due to backlash, we’ve decided to open legitimate voting back up for the first time? It all comes down to these four, who are counting on you with puppy dog eyes and kitten tongues, so vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting for these groups ends April 3!) And now, the official Evil Eight results:

Sgt. Hartman (67%) threw cold water on The Wicked Witch of the West’s (33%) hopes!
Ed Rooney (52%) cut Chigurh (48%) out of his diet!
Patrick Bateman and Magneto tied, so in a non-metal coin flip, the winner is Patrick Bateman!
Dr. Frank N. Furter (56%) was nothing but professional in eliminating Norman Stansfield (44%)!

Thank you again everyone again for voting again!




 Gunnery Sgt. Hartman
(Full Metal Jacket)
Ed Rooney
(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Sadistic Marine Drill Sergeant

Theme Music:
Ruthless High School Principal

Theme Music:


 Patrick Bateman
(American Psycho)
Dr. Frank N. Furter
(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Deranged Serial Killer

Theme Music:

Transvestite Scientist

Theme Music:

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