Schlocktoberfest IV – Day 28: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2

Schlocktoberfest IV

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 (1987)


*Spoilers Throughout*

PromNight2-posterWhat’s It About: Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I watched the sequel (pseudo-sequel) to the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis slasher hit Prom Night. This is Schlocktoberfest after all and we only want to watch as much schlock as possible for you fine readers. Like I said this is a Prom Night in name only, and we are introduced to a whole new gaggle of Canadian characters who are terrorized. However, instead of a slasher killer, it’s a ghost of a girl, Mary Lou Maloney, who died tragically on her prom night in 1957. 

Here are some of my observations as I watched the film:

  • Mary Lou is so bad and reckless she goes to confession just to brag to the priest that she banged a lot of boys.
  • “Bud Cooper strikes again!” Man, now I want to see a movie about the exploits and adventures of Bud Cooper.
  • So Mary Lou is cheating on her boyfriend at prom with Bud Cooper and when confronted, the boyfriend says that he’s been with Mary Lou a year and she’s never gone that far with him. First of all, they were just kissing and two, a scene earlier she told the priest that she had “sinful relations many times with many boys.” So either she’s a liar or Billy the boyfriend is a huge sap.
  • Hiyo! Bud Cooper offered Billy his hand to shake and said that’s the closest he’ll ever get to making it with Mary Lou. Bud Cooper strikes yet again! Oh that Bud Cooper. What a card.
  • A teacher says to Billy that the music is too loud and that “This Rock and Roll will never last.” I have to ask was late 50s Rock and roll that offensive to the older folk of that time that they wanted it to stop so bad? Were older people in the 1920s saying the same thing about jazz? I don’t remember too many older people saying anything like that about Rap in the 80s or 90s. That old rock and roll was so tame too. It’s harmless.
  • Mary Lou is prom queen but they don’t have a prom king? That’s very odd right?
  • Well maybe they were getting to the prom king but Billy threw down a stink bomb and accidentally ignited Mary Lou on fire. Did he mix-up the stink bomb with the Molotov Cocktail again!?
  • Was her gown made of burlap? It went ablaze in mere seconds!
  • Is no one going to help her? She’s on fire! Grab a blanket! Try to smother the flames with a coat! Are you telling me that there’s no fire extinguishers or hoses in 1957?!
  • The teacher who wished Rock n Roll an early death’s name was Mr. Romero. In 1987, one of the teachers name is Mr. Craven. Is this like Night of the Creeps and almost every character is named for a famous, much more talented horror director than the one directing this film? I’ll keep ya posted.
  • It’s either serendipitous or very unlucky to become the principal of the school you attended as well as accidentally killed your girlfriend at the senior prom. Wouldn’t he have been arrested for that manslaughter?
  • Michael Ironside’s son, Craig, played Declan in Breaking Bad!
  • I’m sorry but how is this homely, awkward girl with terrible hair even nominated to be prom queen? Is this like a Carrie-like prank? They already highlighted 3 other girls way better looking than this Vicki our Final Girl.
  • Only in movies do students go down in school basements willy-nilly as if they have access everywhere.
  • Wait. Was that trunk in the basement a container for the ghost of Mary Lou? They showed it in 1957 slam shut after she burned alive but I didn’t think much of it until Vicki opened it up and they showed the glass crack on the picture of Mary Lou from 1957 in Ironside’s office. So this trunk has never been opened in the 30 years since? It was out in the open too. It’s not like it was well hidden or anything. Ridiculous. And why is a ghost locked in a trunk?
  • I’m sorry but are Jess’ boy and pregnant problems pertinent to the plot at all? Other than showing that Vicki is a good friend to her? I’m guessing this goes nowhere.
  • Well Jess calmed down quick and is now fixing up the old prom tiara. When she pries off a gem on the tiara, the trunk in the basement opens again and glows bright light. Seconds later, Jess is attacked. So Mary Lou was still in the trunk even after Vicki opened it earlier? I’m confused.
  • First time I’ve ever seen a ghost/evil entity change their mind on how to kill someone. The ghost of Mary Lou was going to chop off Jess’ head with a paper cutter but then hangs her and throws her out the window instead.
  • The gem magically goes back on the tiara. Is Mary Lou somehow linked to that gem? They didn’t allude to that in the beginning or anything. The gem wasn’t even mentioned.
  • Why is Craig the only person not wearing black to Jess’ funeral. He’s wearing a light blue sweater. What a dick.
  • What is the exact reason for Vicki to hallucinate that the school lunch food is bugs and slime and then being attacked by some greaser? Is she possessed by Mary Lou? Why would that make her hallucinate? And why would Mary Lou possess Vicki if she’s capable of killing people as a ghost? A bit odd.
  • Did a volleyball thrown at Vicki’s head really knock her out?! Is her cranium made of papier-mâché?
  • Wow. Michael Ironside’s really has nothing to do in this film so far except look at the camera all Michael Ironsidey.
  • Wait did Bud Cooper become the town priest?! Father Cooper strikes again!
Peek-a-BOO! Prom Night 2!

Peek-a-BOO! Prom Night 2!

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve been to church but I’m pretty sure experiencing hallucinations is not a sin.
  • Why does Vicki have a rocking horse in her room? And why does she have satin bed sheets?
  • Can you perform an exorcism on something you can’t see? Why is Father Bud Cooper saying lines from the Exorcist in church when obviously Mary Lou is nowhere near there?
  • Mary Lou writes “HELP ME” on the blackboard but for some reason backwards.
  • Cool blackboard turns to water and sucks in Vicki special effects. I’ll give the film that at least.
  • This movie is pretty much ripping off A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge with the whole possessing the young kid plot.
  • Where did Vicki even get the 50s clothing anyway? Did Mary Lou make her buy them? Or did they come with the possession?
  • Again with the school prom AT the school. But where in the school is the floor laminate black and white checkered?
  • Why did they try to franchise Prom Night? This film has zero to do with the original film and is just Prom Night in name only. This is like Halloween III that had nothing to do with Michael Myers but was called Halloween anyway. The only link between all 4 Prom Nights is actor Brock Simpson but he plays a different character in every one.
  • Full frontal?! I Did not expect that at all.
  • More Freddy Krueger ripping off when possessed Vicki rubs her fingers tightly on the lockers causing them to make a squeaky obnoxious frightening sound. Just like when Freddy would scratch his claws against metal.
  • I get that Mary Lou is from the 50s and all but does she really have to say expressions so lame like: “See ya later, alligator.” And “that’s my name, don’t wear it out.”
  • Her dad’s first job was a repo man?!
  • Why isn’t Vicki’s dad stopping her from French kissing him like that? He doesn’t even flinch! WTF!!
  • Hahaha, Michael Ironsides knocks out his own son to stop him from trying to find Vicki. That’s just like Michael Ironside. See ya at the Prom Richter!
  • At least this prom as appropriate music for its time period. Not like the original Prom Night and its out-of-place disco.
  • Best line: Kelly: “You got a drinking problem.” Her mullets date: “I drink. I get drunk. What’s the problem?!”
  • Why is Michael Ironside dressing up for the prom? Shouldn’t he be on alert for Vicki/Mary Lou and not caring about how he looks at the prom? Priorities Ironside!
  • The computer nerd Josh has a fake TV that opens up into a mini-fridge stocked with Labatts! In case you couldn’t tell this is a Canadian production.
  • When Josh is entering Kelly as the new prom queen in the computer, Mary Lou magically electrocutes Josh through the computer. For some reason electric bolts come out of his screen and keyboard killing him. The keyboard? Really?
Hello Mary Lou: Electric Blue!

Hello Mary Lou: Electric Blue!

  • Vicki’s last name is Carpenter. And Kelly’s is Hennenlotter so yeah more lame horror director references.
  • Way to traumatized the whole school by shooting Vicki when she’s crowned prom queen Michael Ironside! And why would he think that would solve anything? 
  • Yeah this is blatantly ripping off Freddy’s Revenge with Mary Lou ripping out of Vicki’s body and attacking the kids at prom.
  • Oh Craig, why would you think Vicki’s still alive when you saw Mary Lou rip through her and tearing her apart.
  • Raimi-cam!
  • Wait. What just happened? Michael Ironside crowned Mary Lou with the tiara and that somehow forced Mary Lou back into her grave. That’s it? And Vicki is alive locked in the old trunk? Effing Boo!!
  • Oh so now Michael Ironside is possessed by Mary Lou. That’s even worse!!
  • Why would the license plate change?! After the reveal that Ironsides is possessed the license plate says MARYLU-2.

Is It Actually Scary: It’s a fun watch, especially to mock it but no time for scares Dr. Jones.

How Much Gore: More burnings than bleeding but the scene with Mary Lou tearing out of Vicki’s body had some gore.

Hello Mary Lou: Schlocktoberfest Review!

Hello Mary Lou: Schlocktoberfest Review!

Best Scene: Nothing really stands out. Your typical late 1980’s slasher trope. If I had to pick a scene it would be the blackboard turns to a watery effect and sucks in Vicki. It at least was done well.

Worst Scene: The scene when the possessed Vicki french kisses her dad in front of her mom and the dad doesn’t stop her or flinch or even try to move away. I can understand how Vicki being possessed by Mary Lou would do such a nasty thing but for the father not to stop her was downright creepy.

Any Nudity: Vicki stalks her friend in the locker room completely buck naked! Ironically, Mary Lou, who touts herself as this easy and loose naughty girl, is never seen naked.

Hello Mary Lou: A Face Like Beef Stew!

Hello Mary Lou: A Face Like Beef Stew!

Overall: Going in a completely new direction from the original Prom Night, Hello Mary Lou attempted to cash in on the supernatural slasher craze of the late 1980s. Like, Jason or Freddy, Mary Lou was a vengeful ghost who can possess other people and has the thirst for blood and mayhem. Although they didm’t make it clear what Mary Lou’s motivation was. She was tragically killed 30 years back by her boyfriend but she really didn’t seek Michael Ironside out for revenge. She was more interested in a second chance at life and being prom queen—which is very lame considering you’re a powerful spirit and could do more worthwhile things with your time. As much as I nitpicked this schlock, I had some fun watching it because it clearly didn’t take itself too seriously. There’s 2 more sequels after this one and the third one again features Mary Lou. Maybe, I’ll check it out because I didn’t hate the second one. I would recommend it for the pure cheesy fun but it’s not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. 

Score: 6 Exploding stink bombs (out of 10)

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