Reel Quick: Nebraska [#2]

[The fourth part in the 4-part series “Movies I Watched on a Plane Back from Barcelona”]


Nebraska (2013)



Starring: Mark Borchardt???

If you want a well thought-out and outstanding review of this film, read Brad’s take from a few months ago here. I can’t say anything that he didn’t already. It’s a really nice film with excellent performances all around. That being said, Will Forte did a good job, but I can’t help but think of how recasting him with a more perfect choice would have upgraded this movie from “very good” to “instant classic.” I’m speaking of course about Mark Borchardt, director of Coven and subject of the finest documentary ever made, American Movie.

Mark Borchardt American Movie

Mark would have been so on point in the role of David in this movie that every second you think about how awesome it would have been will keep you wide awake for a year. He completely encapsulates the role of the guy stuck in neutral in his life but has a good heart, just like David. Plus, he could have taken the opportunity to slip in plugs for Coven in every other line of dialogue.

So in summation, if you haven’t seen Nebraska, check it out, if you haven’t seen Coven, watch it above, and if you haven’t seen American Movie, I implore you to do so. It really is incredible.

Score (for Nebraska): 8.5 Nebraskapes (out of 10)

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