Support Samurai Cop 2

Samurai Cop 2

It’s no secret that we here at Hard Ticket to Home Video love us some Samurai Cop. Outside of the holy grounds that are the Andy Sidaris films, it’s by far our favorite piece of schlock cinema ever (read our review here). So when we heard that Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance was actually being made, our loins were burning in anticipation!

This excitement has been followed up by a series of videos from the Samurai Cop himself, Matt Hannon (a.k.a. Brian MacKavelli, for unknown reasons), assuring everyone that he was still alive, and that Samurai Cop 2 was definitely happening.

And as if we weren’t stoked enough, word comes in about the supporting cast:

  • Eddie Deezen (everyone’s favorite nerd!)
  • George Lazenby (James Bond Drew Stargrove!)
  • Seymore Cassel (Max Fischer’s dad!)
  • Gerald Okamura (Andy Sidaris staple!)
  • Henry Silva (of Henry Silva fame!)
  • Robert Z’Dar (possibly, although he’s in bad shape)
  • Kayden Kross (porn star!)
  • Lexi Belle (porn star!)
  • Magda Marcella (of Samurai Cop 2 fame!)
  • and many more, including supporting stars of the first one! There’s so much going on!

How could this possibly get any better?! Well, apparently an amazing Kickstarter is has been started (via samurai kick)!

For just $10, you can get your name in the credits of this surefire masterpiece! $50 for an autographed poster! $100 for a t-shirt and two autographed Blu-rays! $400 for a genuine Matt Hannon or Mark Frazer film prop! $500 to have a character in the film named after you, attend the premiere or after-parties, or own a pair of shoes worn by one of the lovely ladies! $750 for lunch with Matt Hannon and Mark Frazer OR Kayden Kross, Lexi Belle and Nicole Bailey (of Samurai Cop 2 fame)! $1,000 lets you be a background extra! $1,500 for dialogue with Mark Frazer or Matt Hannon! And only $10,000 to be an executive producer!! Take out a loan, dip into your kid’s college fund, sell your car, sell yourself!


We’re so up and ready for this!! Fund the Kickstarter and don’t just keep this project warm, keep it SAMURAI HOT!

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