True or False Trivia: Titanic [#2]


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Titanic (1997)

1) A 2012 episode of MythBusters, “Titanic Survival,” tested whether or not Jack could have joined Rose on the floating door without submerging it and therefore survive the story. As it turned out, he could have, particularly if they strapped Rose’s life vest underneath the door to add buoyancy. James Cameron, who appeared on the episode, maintained that Jack needed to die for thematic reasons, but conceded that he could have used a smaller door to make it more plausible.

2) Axl Rose, being a huge Titanic history buff, received an advance copy of the script from James Cameron, who he worked with previously on the soundtrack for Terminator 2, and was hell-bent on playing the part of villain Cal Hockley. However, before he could let his intentions be known, Billy Zane won the part of Hockley in a white rhinoceros hunting competition while on safari with Cameron. Determined to appear in the movie in any capacity, Rose came to an audition for what he thought was for the part of Jack, but because of his long hair and girlish features he ended up in the line for the auditions for the lead female character, Grace. No one noticed that the girl with unusual features was Rose, and he nailed the audition, literally bringing the casting director to tears. Rose filmed the entire movie as Grace, impressing everyone including Cameron with his amazing performance as a strong yet vulnerable young woman. Rose’s chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio was so incredible that the two struck up an inseparable romantic relationship on set, and their filmed love scenes are the stuff of legend, not only steaming up the car in the cargo hold, but steaming up the entire cavernous set with their lust and passion. Unfortunately, test audiences just couldn’t accept the notion of the male lead singer of a hugely popular hard rock band as the leading woman of a historical epic, forcing Cameron to recast the part with Kate Winslet and pushing the production over budget by $462 billion. However, in tribute to Axl’s performance, the name of the character was changed to Rose, and duringthe scene of the party in third class she sings “Welcome to the Jungle” (although this scene was cut from the finished film). DiCaprio and Rose have been in an open yet stable relationship ever since.


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