Shake the Scene: Tombstone


Tombstone (1993)

Tombstone-posterThe Scenes: Wyatt Earp teaches Johnny Tyler some manners / Doc Holliday pisses off Johnny Ringo / Wyatt Earp lays down the law at the train station / The Gun fight at the O.K. Corral

Why We Love These Scenes: I couldn’t pick just one scene from this stunningly beautiful and memorable  western. I don’t think this movie gets enough credit and is too understated in the annals of modern filmmaking. George P. Cosmatos should’ve made way more movies than the paltry 11 to his credit. He made great tough, macho, manly-man action/adventure flicks like Cobra and Rambo: First Blood, Part II and after making Tombstone kinda just stopped and passed away in 2005. I always equated him to John Milius and John McTiernan (and Andy Sidaris!) in that they made a lot of violent and gritty hero-themed films back in the 80s and 90s when movies could get away with such machismo. And not only that but movies made by those maverick filmmakers not only had blood & guts full of punches, bullets and good-looking damsels in distress who can also kick-ass but also had great shots, great cinematography, great editing (back in the day when shaky-cam wasn’t used and action shots weren’t super-fast and only close-up shots) and memorable scenes with not only violence but also dialogue with great acting. I ain’t lying when I say that they don’t make films this way anymore.

Case in point, I present to you 4 classic Tombstone scenes that feature great action, suspense and memorable quotes. So go ahead, skin that smoke-wagon and see what happens!

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