Movie Music Mega Madness: Disney’s Robin Hood



Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

Robinhood_1973_posterProbably my favorite Disney feature and the one I’ve seen the most. Besides the fact that I loved the Robin Hood legend I rewatched this recently on Netflix and I still enjoyed the hell out it. But as an adult now I found a much greater appreciation for the Roger Miller songs. About a decade and a half ago I was introduced to Roger Miller by a music-savvy co-worker and fell madly in love with his zany and colorful (country/folk) music. At first I didn’t realize it was the same feller who did the Robin Hood songs! So now I love the soundtrack even more.

If “Whistle Stop” doesn’t instantly make you smile and happy then I’m sorry my friend, you are a lost cause. Seriously, if a rottweiler was biting off my ball sack while a swarm of killer bees attacked my mother and this song came on, I’d still crack a smile.

If you never listened to any other Roger Miller stuff and you love “Whistle Stop” or “Oo-De-Lally” from the Disney movie, I highly suggest you give some of his music a try. You probably already know his greatest hit: “King of the Road.” 

The other songs are great too, especially to the youngsters, like “Phony King of England” and “Love” which are not written or preformed by Roger Miller but great Disney music nostalgia all the same.

15 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Disney’s Robin Hood

    • It’s very kid friendly. It has some sad points like most of the citizens of Nottingham chained up in jail but I don’t think there’s anything that will scar the kiddies. There’s worse things in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.


  1. I love this movie! Definitely my favourite of the Disney bunch. This one, and the Sword in the Stone.
    It’s so funny, I just commented on Cinema Parrot Disco this morning about the love song from Robin Hood and then this post appears… I feel like there could be some strange voodoo afoot!


    • Another thing I noticed more so rewatching it as an adult was how much Disney attempted to fuse the Robin Hood legend with an American Wild West theme. Not just Roger Miller’s folky tunes but the voices as well; evident in the Sheriff of Nottingham’s southern twang. Interestingly enough since Robin Hood is a perfect western archetype and I don’t ever seem to recall a Robin Hood movie that harkened the movie to an American western.


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