Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-9-2013


Hello, everyone, Death Bed here. Wrap yourself up in my very comfortable blanket and let’s read some movie news:

In what is possibly the greatest movie casting news ever, Larry David may be up for the part of Mr. Mxyzptlk in Batman Vs. Superman, even though he would be even more perfect for Lex Luthor. Now if only they could find a way to sneak Death Bed into Bruce Wayne’s bedroom…

Harrison Ford is talking to Ridley Scott about doing a sequel to one of the most overrated movies in the history of film in the galaxy, Blade Runner. Personally, Death Bed can’t wait to hear Ford’s bored old man reading awful voiceover dialogue. It will make everyone want to go to sleep!

Peter Dinklage to star in leprechaun movie. Not the horror Leprechaun, mind you, who is a personal friend.

And finally, our nation’s long, agonizing wait has come to an end with the release of the trailer for Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer’s latest anal discharge: The Starving Games. The movie looks to feature incredibly timely spoofs of Avatar, Gangnam Style, Tebowing, Harry Potter, Siri, and Angry Birds. Remember those things? While not shown in the trailer I bet they get in pretty good jabs at Pogs and Full House. Does anyone need to be dissolved in my acid mattress more than these two?

[And now, a bedtime story!]


7 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-9-2013

  1. Mr. Mxyzptlk is one of the stupidest villains of all time. What a joke. Maybe they can also squeeze in Donnie and Marie Osmond to play the Wonder Twins and legendary actor Wes Studi as Apache Chief.


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