Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-8-2013


Up and At ‘Em boys and girls! And a very good morning to all of you. Here are some news I found on the interwebs.

Terry Rossio, the writer of such action/adventure hits like Zorro, all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the recent flop The Lone Ranger has been hired to write the new script for Masters of the Universe. I once devoured a kid who happened to be playing with Man-At-Arms and Evil Lynn dolls. I think they are still stuck in my digestive tract.

How’s this for dodging a bullet; apparently George Lucas was developing the next trilogy of Star Wars films himself before the sale to Disney. So we all can be very thankful for that.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. are still baffled as to how to make Wonder Woman a viable product. As long as you leave out the lame and asinine Invisible Jet I think you’ll have a decent hit on your hands.

I do hope you all have been reading the fantastic new Schlocktoberfest reviews. Remember starting October 14th Schlocktoberfest will be reviewing all the best Schlock Sea Creature Features all week long, so be sure to make them your “catch of the day.”

[Here’s another clip from my iconic masterpiece]

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