Subject: Kenny Rogers

I just thought you’d all enjoy this movie-based email exchange Brad and I had once:

BRIAN: I watched an appropriate double feature of Six Pack and The Godfather Part II last night.

BRAD: Six Pack? With Kenny Rogers?

BRIAN: YES.  It made me realize that Kenny Rogers should have played Michael Corleone.

BRAD: Or at least Don Fanucci.

BRIAN: kennyfanucci

BRAD: Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. One of the best BEST Photoshops you or I ever did.

BRIAN: They should hang that in a museum.  And it only took like 6 minutes.

BRAD: I should hang that in my living room.

BRIAN: I should get an oil painting made and send it to the Kenny Rogers estate.



BRIAN: That’s some high-octane action.  The Back to the Future music is very confusing.  Who in the history of the universe ever liked Dr. Strange?  The Hulk is a villain?  Was that Robocop??

BRAD: Dr. Strange ain’t that bad. I’d go see a Strange movie IF they cast him correctly. A friend of mine said he can only see Bruce Campbell playing Strange b/c who else can you see saying “By the Hoary Hordes of Hoggoth!”

Hulk is always a troublesome character. He’s essentially a villain when he’s uncontrollable.

I think Robocop was on the wrong float.

BRIAN: I know of only one man who can play Dr. Strange…


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