Follow Friday: Hard Ticket to Home Video

My 43rd interview, by my count.

Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday, where each time I feature and interview a fellow blogger and follow their suggestion to another blog to feature next time, which is currently monthly-ish. I prefer this over a blogroll because it gives each blog their own time to shine, plus I personally rarely click on blogrolls so why would I expect you to? Not only that, but I get the chance to check out some great blogs I might not have found otherwise found, talk to some great people, and share the conversation with you. Of course, if you would rather see something like a blogroll, I have collected all of my previous Follow Friday sites in list form which you can find right at the top of the page. Last time I was directed by Isaac from The IPC to check out a site I already enjoy Hard Ticket to…

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