The 7 Most Ridiculous Crowds in Movie History

sparse crowd

Sports movies obviously need to drum up some drama and excitement in order for the sport they’re portraying to seem as interesting as possible. But sometimes they stretch the reality of a sport a little too much. These are the 7 most-wildly skewed sports spectator crowds in moviedom.

7. Dodgeball

If this really happened the arena owner would slip the janitor $20 to cheer as loud as he could so the participants wouldn’t slip on their own tears.



6. You Got Served

In reality they would be performing these dumb dances in an empty lot while trying to avoid used needles and used condoms. Loser has to eat the used condoms. Winner gets shot in a drive-by.



5. Bloodsport

There sure are a ton of spectators at this super-secret underground martial arts tournament. I blame Jackson. This would likely be held in an opium smoke-filled basement with a lot of dead chickens around.



4. The Mighty Ducks

This pretty much applies to all kids sports, but hockey especially: nobody watches these games except for one parent for each kid, and they’re either reading a book or sipping from a flask or both.



3. Back to School

Apparently diving is THE sport to watch at this college. If you’ve ever seen a dive meet, 10 people just kind of sit there bored and clap politely when the dive is finished if the diver doesn’t bash his head on the board, but if he does, then they CHEER!



2. Over the Top

This crowd is about 27 times larger than it should be, and there would be absolutely NO non-white people in it.



1. The Karate Kid

This crowd is more packed and raucous than The Thrilla in Manila. All-day teenage karate tournament was your best entertainment option that Saturday? And why are people rooting for Daniel? They have no idea who he is.


25 thoughts on “The 7 Most Ridiculous Crowds in Movie History

  1. I’ve always thought Over The Top was THE most ridiculous “sports” movie, even more than Dodgeball because at least they weren’t serious about that. But the theme song by Kenny Loggins was a good power ballad.


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