Photoshopped Philms: The Wrestler


15 thoughts on “Photoshopped Philms: The Wrestler

  1. With the tragic events of this past weekend still fresh in all our minds, I accept full responsibility for allowing such a potentially dangerous reptile at ringside. I will accept Jake Roberts’ explanation at face value that this was indeed an accident, and he had been led to believe that his king cobra had indeed been devenomized by the lab. However, resting upon my shoulders is the welfare of everyone here in the World Wrestling Federation. Therefore, effective immediately, the king cobra and all reptiles are barred from ringside. In addition, after careful consultation with the Macho Man Randy Savage and his doctor, it is my decision that he is reinstated immediately, and that a match between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts be sanctioned at the earliest possible date, which will be this coming Tuesday night in Texas. Therefore, Jake Roberts will not be a participant in the Survivor Series. Instead, the Legion of Doom and Big Boss Man will face the Natural Disasters and I.R.S. in a three-on-three tag team encounter.


  2. No surprise here. It’s been 30 years since I shot a benhsrect rifle match (seems NBRSA is still in existence, so others are carrying the torch), but IIRC the rules allow a single “sighting shot” to foul a clean(ed) barrel. I’m of the opinion that a fouling shot, or two, is the best way to prepare a barrel for the remainder of the string, but I’ve seen good results with swabbing a barrel with an evaporative solvent patch (alcohol, acetone, etc.) followed by a clean dry patch or three.


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