I Don’t Get It…: The Karate Kid Part II

BRAD: Growing up I was always confused as to how Mr. Miyagi was allowed to live in the U.S. because I thought he fought on the side of Japan during the war. That scene were he’s drunk talking about his sweetheart babbling in Japanese…Where was his heart really? HOW COULD HE FIGHT HIS OWN PEOPLE??

BRIAN: After leaving Okinawa, Miyagi met and married another woman. Miyagi and his wife were soon expecting their first born when Mrs. Miyagi was interned in the Manzanar Japanese internment camp in California during World War II. During this time, Miyagi joined the U.S. Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team and fought in Europe, eventually rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant and being awarded the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and multiple Purple Hearts. During his service, Mrs. Miyagi and their son died in the Manzanar camp due to complications during childbirth. Though normally a very disciplined and modest man, he is shown in one scene in the first movie in a maudlin state of extreme drunkenness on the anniversary of his son’s birth and wife and son’s death. (*WIKIPEDIA)

BRAD: Man, what a bummer of a story.

BRIAN: You would think she wouldn’t be interned if her husband was in the military. I thought Miyagi said that his wife and son were killed by a truck that jumped a curb? What other lies has he told??

And none of this would have happened if he didn’t turn coward and run from Sato to the U.S.!

BRAD: Yeah this all makes zero sense. And how did the U.S. allow a Japanese expatriate to be a serviceman at the same time having his wife in a camp? If I was in his platoon I wouldn’t trust him no matter how good he is at waxing, painting and sanding. And on one hand they give him all those distinguished medals, meanwhile his wife and child are allowed to die in a camp in the country he’s fighting for. WTF?

BRIAN: Miyagi’s pregnant wife was interned, so he abandoned her to join the Army? What a dick. And there’s no way he would have been a legal U.S. citizen, so they wouldn’t have allowed him to join in the first place, much less become staff sergeant. They would have just thrown his cowardly ass right in the same camp.

BRAD: I think Miyagi was lying the whole time to Daniel-san. The man is sneaky afterall. Look at how he tricked Daniel in learning the martial arts and he just steals a black belt to give Daniel for the tournament. AND HE BEATS UP TEENAGERS!!!

Miyagi isn’t the best role model now is he?


BRIAN: Think about it, we never actually see Miyagi fight anyone, in any of the Karate Kid pictures. Did he even really know karate at all? What did he teach Daniel that Daniel couldn’t have learned at the Cobra Kai dojo? And he lied to Daniel that the crane kick was indefensible, when all someone has to do is move out of the way.

BRAD: He was the Karate Kidder!

Daniel would’ve never been accepted at Cobra Kai anyway.

And didn’t Chozen simply kick Daniel in the balls when he attempted the Crane?

(He just caught his foot very easily. He punches him in the balls later.)


Well the Cobra Kai were a bunch of dicks, and so was Daniel, but he was too much of a whiner.

Daniel beating Chozen may be the most unbelievable fight outcome in cinematic history.


16 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It…: The Karate Kid Part II

  1. Of course – I’ve never seen this either. Is this the one with Will Smith’s kid? Would Sledge Hammer win if they all got in the octagon?


  2. Couple things here:

    1. I never fully understood just how that move Daniel did at the end where he punched Chozen in the face from the left and then the right and so on was so effective; couldn’t Chozen have simply swept his leg to defend against it?

    2. if Chozen was upset about losing his honor before the fight – then I wonder what happened to his honor after Daniel honked his nose and threw him on his face! I can only imagine the next time he went back to his dojo. lol.


      • LOL @ jumping into the sea!

        I liked Karate Kid 2, but I always said there was no way Daniel wins that fight; Chozen would have kicked Daniel & all of the Cobra Kai’s asses simultaneously.

        That should have been part 3; they should reboot part 3; where Chozen’s punishment for losing to Daniel is going to America and beating Johnny Lawrence’s ass everyday for a year. Johnny has always been one of my most hated villains since childhood. lol. I loved seeing Daniel’s foot knock the shit out of Johnny’s nose at the end of part 1. I never tire of seeing it; that ending seemed much more realistic than the one in part 2 – b/c I can believe Johnny never would have seen that crane kick coming – but Chozen had no defense against that swing punch? lol. The series had always been so well-written up to that point, so I thought they could have gotten a bit more creative with how Daniel found a way to defeat Chozen.


  3. If you never heard of the 442nd and you made this entire article still.. Then you sir are an idiot who didn’t research at all… We are talking about one of the most decorated military unites in American history.


    • Oh no! We really should have done thorough research before we posted this email conversation on our movie humor site! They’re running this article in the next issue of Newsweek, I’d better tell them to stop the presses! Thank you for setting us straight and calling us idiots. I hope the rest of your day is just as fulfilling.

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