Movie Music Mega Madness: Popeye


Welcome to our newest column where we dust off our old cassette tapes to share some of our favorite musical movie moments.

Popeye (1980)

popeye-posterWhile the film was met with mixed reviews and considered a flop financially (even though it doubled its production costs), to a young lad such as myself this film was completely awesome. I think I knew who Robin Williams was at the time because of Mork & Mindy, he was perfectly casted as the squinky eyed sailor. This is the type of film that when you’re a kid you love for the charm and cartoon-ish humor but when re-watched as an adult you see so much more and appreciate it more. There’s a lot of adult-level humor in Popeye that I never knew or got when I was younger and because of it I can still enjoy it till this day. A lot people probably don’t know that the town of Sweethaven is still intact and is a popular tourist attraction in Anchor Bay on the island of Malta. If you happen to be in Malta you should really check it out. You’d be a real dope if you were in Malta and missed out on seeing the Popeye town of Sweethaven.

The one thing that I always loved and moreso today is the soundtrack. While I didn’t realize this was a Robert Altman (M*A*S*H, Nashville, Short Cuts) film until college when I revisited it, I also then realized that the songs were all composed by Harry Nilsson (Without You, Coconut, One) and again had a better appreciation for the movie and its whimsical take on an old cartoon from the 30s.

While all the songs are fantastic and fun to sing-along to here’s a few cuts to help you remember how great they are. If you’re new to the Popeye motion picture I hope these tunes entice you to check out a forgotten classic. Popeye is available to watch on Instant Netflix.

When I revisited Popeye the movie in college with some buddies, this song in particular gave us quite a chuckle as we sang it on the cafeteria line. Still sing it occasionally around the dinner table.

A song so silly the lyrics are: “I’m so mean, I had a dream of beatin’ myself up. Broke my nose, I broke my hand, I wrestled myself to the ground and then, I choked myself to death and broke the choke, and woke up.”

“And he’s mine.” “You can have him!”

Was I the only person super shocked that this song was featured in that Adam Sandler bomb Punch-Drunk Love? So odd a choice to be used in a movie made in 2002. Nevertheless, a nice choice.

6 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Popeye

  1. You boys love Shelley D with a fiery passion… and a fiery couple of crotches from those crabs she gave you back in ’83!!!!!!

    Note: 30 year old crabs.


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