Ask Professor Popcorn: Point Break



Dear Rick,

It’s never explicitly stated in the film because the studio thought it would turn Southern film-goers away, but Bodhi is deeply in love with Utah, and wants to show Utah that his current girlfriend (who looks more like a boy than Bodhi does) is weak and he brings him along on the bank heist to impress him. Plus, the reason he orders his gang to steal more money than usual is so he can pay for a dream wedding between himself and Utah. It’s actually an interesting twist on a touching love story. But in the end, all of this subplot was left on the cutting room floor, and they even digitally manipulated the love scene between Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty to superimpose Petty’s face on top of Swayze’s.


Lovers in the sky.

Fun side story: I visited the set of Point Break during filming and Gary Busey forced me at gunpoint to eat a hallucinogenic lollipop. Afterward we wandered into the ocean naked and made love to then consumed raw a giant stingray. We haven’t spoken of the incident since, and every time I bump into Gary now he elbows me in the mouth and testicles before I can say hello.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn

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13 thoughts on “Ask Professor Popcorn: Point Break

  1. These things are always great!

    Professor Popcorn,

    I read one of your treatises on the nature of sex and learned that you boned Lori Petty in the bathroom of a bowling alley to understand the nature of having intercourse with an androgynous entity. At that point in the White Paper, I spilled my coffee on it and, since it was written in pencil, the rest of the words smeared and I couldn’t finish it. How did that conclude?

    Your colleague,



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