Shake the Scene: Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf (1985)


The Scene: Coach Bobby Finstock and his infinite wisdom.

Why I Love This Scene: As kids we all loved to see Scotty Howard “Wolf-Out” at school, playing basketball and being a totally awesome teen surfing on the top of the Wolf-Mobile but now as adults our tastes evolve and soon we discover that the highlight of the entire film is this zen high school basketball coach that would rather forfeit his team so he can beat the rush hour traffic home. Or tells his students to never go near a lady that has a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Sage advice. I have yet to go near a chick that has a dagger tattoo and I’ve been living easy. I could watch a movie featuring Coach Bobby Finstock all day. Interestingly enough, Jay Tarses, didn’t act in too much since Teen Wolf but I just learned that he was a writer for the Bob Newhart show and two Muppet movies so it wouldn’t surprise me if he wrote his own dialogue.

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