You Dumb Kid: Goonies


There are some things you see as a kid that become a skewed fact that actually turns out not to be true at all, like your dad is the tallest guy in the world or your step-uncle is a fantastic kisser. This also applies to movies, where some detail sticks out for you and you turn it into a false assumption.

Goonies (1985)

It wasn’t until college and the advent of the World Wide Web that I finally figured out what Data (Ke Huy Quan) called his Clakety-teeth-on-a-slinky tool. All those years since 1985 the name has changed from:

  • Prinches Lepel
  • Plinches Repel
  • Reaches Grapel
  • Rinches le Pel (French words perhaps?)
  • Bitches of Hell
  • Pitches of Power
  • Pictures of Pell

I never knew what the hell he was saying. When I checked and its quotes section I finally discovered it was called “Pinchers of Peril!” He was saved by his Pinchers of Peril!

Seriously besides his thick accent and the stupidly named apparatus, as a kid I never for the life of me could figure out what the hell he was saying.

6 thoughts on “You Dumb Kid: Goonies

  1. I always thought it was “I’ve been saved, I’m as pitch as a pal!” which I thought was just some kind of slang meaning “I’m ok!” And it never made sense to me.


  2. I never learned how to read, so when you write “you dumb kid: goonies” I took that as “you dumped da goodies” and interpreted that as: “you threw the meth out of the car when the cop turned on his lights”.


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