You Dumb Kid: POPPA SAYS!

There are some things you see as a kid that become a skewed fact that actually turns out not to be true at all, like your dad is the tallest guy in the world or your step-uncle is a fantastic kisser.  This also applies to movies, where some detail sticks out for you and you turn it into a false assumption.


A Christmas Story

SONSABITCHES!! POPPA SAYS!!! Is what I thought The Old Man [Darren McGavin] said as he screamed to the rampaging hounds after they ate the Christmas Turkey. I don’t know why I thought he would say that, I guess he was referring himself as “Poppa” and he was saying/yelling at the dogs like a command or he was in charge of them [when clearly he was not, maybe that’s why I thought that, because it fit his character, but that would imply I’m smarter than the screenwriters, yeah right]. He’s really saying SONSABITCHES!! BUMPUSES!! Bumpuses referring to the white-trash neighbors and their gang of bloodhounds.

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