It’s like The Thing if you hated every character and The Thing wanted to screw you to death.

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Shitfest 2015 ~ Summer: It Follows (2014)


Shit Swallows (2014)
It Follows (2014)


BRAD: I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t hate it. It had great atmosphere and camera work. And I had a love/hate relationship with the score but at times it really worked and there were times when there was no score which was great for added tension.

BRIAN: I thought the score was ok. It was like a combo of Halloween, Dune, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I appreciated the vibe he was going for, but there were times it was used and it didn’t fit at all. Like when they were setting up the pool thing, it was more of a score that should have been used when they were being chased by It, not when they were plugging in toasters for what felt like 20 minutes. At least the pool was apparently…

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