Villain Madness 2014: Group 3 Results!



R.O.T.O.R. (70%) showed ED-209 (30%) what robotic law really is!
Shakma (74%) busted down Ella’s (26%) door!
Jaws (55%) made a nerd out of Ogre (45%)!
Jack Torrance (60%) left Norman Bates (40%) out in the cold!
Annie Wilkes (68%) gives Nurse Ratched a Hobbeling (32%)!
Pennywise (89%) pulled the plug on Horace Pinker (11%)!
Pamela Voorhees (53%) hung up the phone on Ghostface (47%)!
Lord Summerisle (74%) Rip, Rip, Ripped & Destroyed Abner Devereaux (26%)!


Thank you everyone again for voting! Be sure to check out the Group 4 results and the second round of voting beginning Monday! Is YOUR favorite “the one” to win it all??

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