Movie Music Mega Madness: Labyrinth


Labyrinth (1986)

labyrinth-poster2Today is David Bowie’s 67th Birthday and what better way to celebrate the greatest artist of all time than highlight his greatest movie role of all time—Labyrinth! This classic showcases his two best talents of both music and acting. He wrote and performed all the songs (with Trevor Jones doing the orchestration/score) as well as acting sublimely as Jareth the sinister Goblin King. As a kid I always loved this movie but found an even better appreciation for it as an adult due to the fact that while it’s intended for children it has a lot of appeal for all ages. Its not condescending or too silly and I admire its dark and menacing tones. And it has a great soundtrack to boot! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t at least smile to “Magic Dance.”  


That owl looks like absolute garbage. Why couldn’t they just film a real owl flying around? Awesome tune, but should you really start out your puppet-filled kids movie with the lyric, “Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl. ‘Cause it hurts like hell.”? And, “No love injection“??? Granted, this is a movie where the antagonist’s package is on full display throughout.

“Magic Dance”

Only a genius like Bowie can write a song about an infant and make it singable and danceable! He’s definitely having a ball in this clip with scores of goblin puppets and a baby! I appreciate this movie ten times more now that I’m a father. I have no qualms about it coming on my mix on my iPod in the car, I will sing right along!

Jump! Magic Jump!

“Chilly Down”

This scene must’ve taken the Henson performers months to perfect. 

“Within You”

The M.C. Escher scene! I always loved the part (at 1:10) where he runs from upside down under the platform to right-side up on the other side. Great special effects for the mid-80s. 

“As The World Falls Down”

This song still gives shivers down my spine. Sure its an 80s-gasm of a romantic synthesized ballad but that stuff is so enriched in my blood that I can’t help myself. Even as a kid I had a huge crush on Ms. Connelly and she looks gorgeous in this clip. I don’t care if she was only 15 or 16 at the time, no hot-blooded human can’t tell me she’s not beautiful! 


It’s also Elvis’s birthday, but he’s not even half the performer Bowie is, so he doesn’t get his own tribute. However, we will never forget the date of his birth thanks to the one and only Gary Busey.

12 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Labyrinth

  1. Yayy! These is just too much awesome stuff going on in this post for me to comment on it all! I’ll keep it to a simple Frig yeah, Bowie rules and Labyrinth is a spectacular accomplishment in movies and in music.
    And, I love Elvis so I’m very pleased to see him get a birthday nod too. You know, he probably really is wasting away in a nursing home somewhere fighting evil Ho-Teps at night.


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