True or False Trivia: Every Which Way but Loose


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Every Which Way but Loose (1978)

1) The movie’s “Every Which Way But Loose” title is derived from Zora Neale Hurston’s 1937 novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” Tea Cake, the husband of the book’s central character Janie, tells his wife about a fight he had with a man with a knife. Tea Cake boasts that he “turned him every way but loose,” fighting him not whilst not allowing the man to stab him.

Beat It knife fight

2) A disturbing incident occurred toward the end of filming when Clint Eastwood caught his then-girlfriend Sondra Locke having an affair with Clyde, Eastwood’s orangutan sidekick in the film. Eastwood flew into a rage, destroying several sets before he challenged Clyde to a fistfight. The ape won quite easily, beating Eastwood nearly to death. As is orangutan tradition, Clyde was preparing to rip the arms off of his fallen foe, but displayed a touch of humanity at the last second and embraced Eastwood in a manly hug, breaking what remained of Eastwood’s ribs but officially burying the hatchet between them as per ape law. Eastwood and Clyde became blood brothers via transfusions he received from the ape while in the hospital, as they astonishingly shared the same blood type. Clyde helped nurse Eastwood back to health during Eastwood’s three-year stay in intensive care, and even helped Eastwood edit the finished film during this convalescence. In fact, it was Clyde’s idea that in order to enact revenge on Locke, Eastwood leave in the scene where Locke sings in order to irreparably damage her reputation. Through sign language, Clyde joked that she sounded like two orangutans having sex while they were on fire. The two friends remain inseparably close to this day, and Eastwood has cast Clyde in prominent roles in all of his pictures, such as the villain in In the Line of Fire and the female lead in Million Dollar Baby.

Eastwood Clyde

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Special thanks to In It for the Kills Deep Red Rum Seven Doors of Cinema for inspiring this post!

17 thoughts on “True or False Trivia: Every Which Way but Loose

  1. The number one thing we’ve learned from simians in the movies is not to fuck with them. Planet of the Apes, Monkey Shines, King Kong, Shakma… I guess old Clint just didn’t know what he was getting himself into.


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