Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! Halloween 2013!


Happy Halloween from the bed of Death Bed! I hope you all have a unsafe and terrifying night!:

The sequel to Twins, oddly titled Triplets, is moving forward with Eddie Murphy as the third brother to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Death Bed misses the days when Eddie would secretly have sex on me with a transvestite prostitute.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Fede Alvarez is still going to make Evil Dead 2, eventually. Oh good. I hope it has such a terrifying final villain as Frail Girl Who Crawls on the Ground in the first one.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is going from Kick-Ass to Quicksilver, who is faster than The Flash, but slowly than Death Bed’s digestive system.

The first Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer will premiere before the new The Hobbit, so before you head back to Middle Earth, you’ll get to see just how ridiculous Electro looks. 

Have a great Halloween and don’t forget to come back later for our final Schlocktoberfest entry so you can “KISS” off the month in style!

[And now, your final bedtime stories of the month! It’s a Death Bed Halloween Short Film Festival! (Death Bed plays “The Bed” in some of these)]


7 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! Halloween 2013!

  1. Damn, those vids are fantastic. I just watched VHS 2 but I find these shorts by Bloody Cuts Films more entertaining than most horror films I’ve seen in years! They shoud put 5 of these together for an anthology and get it released!!! They should let these guys do ED 2 if the studio really has to do it.


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