Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-7-2013


Rise and shine my friends, Death Bed wishes you a good morning and hopes you had a peaceful slumber last night. If you didn’t sleep well, well have no fear for the entertainment news cycle is a slow and boring one today and might cure those insomnia blues for you.

Halle Berry will continue to squander her best supporting actress talents with a foray into television.

Gravity broke October weekend opening records and surely every flake producer is now green-lighting every space disaster movie script they had collecting dust somewhere on their desk.

And finally the actress with the hardest name to properly pronounce, Saoirse Ronan auditioned for the new Star Wars. 

I do hope you all have been reading the fantastic new Schlocktoberfest reviews. Be sure to click the links now if you had a busy weekend and missed all the fun with Screamtime and Galaxy of Terror. And starting October 14th Schlocktoberfest will be reviewing all the best Schlock Sea Creature Features all week long, so be sure to make them your “catch of the day.”


[You people still awake? If so, I want to show you a clip of another death bed who is extremely gluttonous.]

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