Reel Quick: Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies (2013)

Warn Bodies poster

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich

Directed by: Jonathan Levine (50/50; The Wackness)

Synopsis:  Zombies have overtaken the world, but while they thrive on brains, all they really need is love! R, a zombieslacker, becomes infatuated with Julie, a human hottie, and wants to protect her, specifically from “Bonies” (huhuhuhuh). But how could she love him, he’s a walking corpse!

Best part(s): 

Worst part: John Malkovich is a horrendous actor. Didn’t he used to be good in the ’90s? He was by far the worst actor in a movie of barely knowns.

Best line: M: “Bitches, man…”

Best song on the soundtrack: “Missing You” – John Waite

Nudity: Julie in brassiere and underpanties for a second, and the Bonies are nude always.

Overall: At first glance, you could write this movie off as Twilight with zombies instead of vampires. But actually, this movie has more heart and humor than those movies could even dream of and doesn’t pander to girls in 7th grade. The story is very stale, it’s basically just Romeo & Juliet, but it’s an original twist. Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer are really good in their roles, since they can actually act unlike their Twilight counterparts. There are some good effects and bad effects (the bonies look too CG, but I don’t think their budget was huge). The “cure” thing doesn’t really make a ton of sense, because everyone who was a zombie was rotting. But overall it’s a nice movie with an endearing lead character and some decent action. It’s no Return of the Living Dead or Shaun of the Dead but a good zom-rom-com for fans of zombie love.

Score: 7 huge bonies (out of 10)

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