Reel Quick: Dredd

Dredd (2012)

Dredd DVD

Starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey

Synopsis:  It’s The Raid: Redemption with future guns.

Best part(s): I’d probably have to go with the minigun scene:

Worst part(s): Dredd trying to sound intimidating while saying the name Ma-Ma.

Best line(s):

Anderson: Sir, helmets interfere with my psychic abilities.
Judge Dredd: Think a bullet in the head might interfere with them more.

Nudity: You see like a quick flash of Anderson naked, probably a body double.

Overall: Fun action flick that didn’t get nearly enough attention because of that Sylvester Stallone abomination. Karl Urban isn’t the action star of the 2010’s or anything but he does a great job as Dredd, although the role is all frowning and doing a Clint Eastwood impression, so you could cast like 50 other dudes in the role and get pretty much the same performance. I don’t know if the purposely set out to basically remake The Raid, but it works by replacing kicks with bullets and adding a cute girl sidekick. The only real problem I had with it was watching it at home you can totally see that several of the shots in the movie were played for maximum 3D effect in the theater, so they seemed kind of weird just watching it on a plain ol’ TV. Plus, I don’t understand how slow-motion falling works. Wouldn’t your brain be dead before you know you hit the bottom?

Score: 7 Rob Schneiders (out of 10)

17 thoughts on “Reel Quick: Dredd

  1. “Wouldn’t your brain be dead before you know you hit the bottom?” Did you go to school?
    The drug slows down the perception of time for the user as what you see is relative to how your brain conceives time, been schooled son 😀

    Like everyone who didn’t go see this in the cinema. Why do you hate good films? Why didn’t you go see this? Your why I won’t see Judge Death! You! Nobody else just you!

    Good review 😀


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